Malissa Davis

Image Consultant/Fashion Stylist @ B.Y.E. Best You Ever

Malissa Davis is a proven inspiration to women ready to take the leap in their personal brand and style.  As an expert Image Consultant, Fashion Stylist, and CEO of Best You Ever she has found a way to seamlessly blend fashion, self-image, and personal branding.

Malissa began sharing her gift to style over a decade ago, shortly before becoming a certified Image Consultant and establishing Best You Ever.  She is especially known for her grace while walking with women taking the intimidating journey of refining their self-expression through clothing.  Through B.Y.E, Malissa has been featured as a speaker and stylist with Microsoft, Nordstrom, and Woman-To-Woman Conferences. Her talents stretch beyond the corporate sector, and into the community as she serves by creating and teaching curriculum for non-profit organizations such as Phoenix Dream Center, King Home Girl’s Foster Facility, and the Birmingham YWCA. Watching people connect to their true selves brings Malissa life, and that life enable’s Malissa to reveal in others personal styles that stand the test of time.

When Malissa’s not unveiling beautiful women to the world, she is serving beside her husband of 16 years, Pastor Damon Davis, in ministry.  She is a proud mom, but most notably she is a believer in Jesus Christ.